James Whistler® is a graphic design studio based in Utrecht (NL),
mostly working in music. The practice is characterized by a distorted and psychedelic touch on color and movement.

Being founded in 2020, the studio has a fresh and new perspective on graphic design, and gained experience by commissions from various cultural events, museums, club nights and record-labels.

Creative Services

The studio is specialized in creating album/single artwork, posters and animations for club nights and art events, merchandise, live visuals and motion graphics / animated visualizers.

Get in touch 

✉️ info@james-whistler.com
🔗 @jameswhistler

Selected Clients

︎︎︎ Lightbox NYC
︎︎︎ Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
︎︎︎ ILFU Festival 
︎︎︎ Homebass Records
︎︎︎ InDifferent
︎︎︎ Kikimora Events
︎︎︎ D’Orange Music
︎︎︎ Marcal Xirau
︎︎︎ HKU Feesten
︎︎︎ Rezident Music
︎︎︎ Online Music Master
︎︎︎ Drempelverlagers
︎︎︎ Arlylza 

Selected exhibitions

︎︎︎ Lightbox NYC
︎︎︎ Upstream Gallery
︎︎︎ Rotterdam Central Station
︎︎︎ Club Basis 
︎︎︎ De Nijverheid
︎︎︎ Vechtclub XL
︎︎︎ WNKL Texel
︎︎︎ AG Utrecht
︎︎︎ 3sec Gallery


︎︎︎ Album Compilation Review: Dot Dot Dash
︎︎︎ ’We Will Dance Again’ exhibition article: WNKL Texel


Freelance Graphic Designer
2020 - now

Graphic Designer
2022 - now

Content Writer
Van Beek Art Supplies
2021 - 2022

Video Editor
Online Music Master
2021 - 2022

TR Studio / Toon Rooijmans


BA Graphic Design
University of the Arts Utrecht
2018 - 2022

Pre-Education Program
University of the Arts Utrecht
2017 - 2018

Montessori College Arnhem
2011 - 2017

Utrecht, NL