An — Awakening is an experimental, short film about the senses.


We’re living in a time were it’s not very usual anymore to get physical or mental contact with another human person. With a constant, 24/7 source of stimulus in our pockets, we’re all addicted to the ‘fake’ forms of contact. Sometimes we almost forget what it feels like to actually feel someone elses skin touching yours. Or to have that powerful eyecontact with a unfamiliar person. The concept of An — Awakening is to visualise the power of the human senses in a phoetic way.


I visualised various forms of contact by creating a colour structure and layed it on top of the ‘real world’. By doing this I wanted to create a world where everyone feels everything 10 times more intense than before. So every sense has a very, immersive visual combined with an oppressive but also euphoric piece of music.

At the same time this video is also a reflection of the way I worked the last two months. I made it for a assignment where the question was to make a movie about your own way of working the last period, and to visualise in an abstract way what you have learned.


3,5 minute short film based on the manifesto principles.


For this project I used projection-mapping on 3D-objects, for example for the shots of the plants in the first half of the video. I also layered colourful, motion graphics and animation compositions on top of found footage and own video material.


Visual art by : James Whistler
Music by: James Whistler
Subtitles written by: James Whistler
Release: October 2019