The video-installation ‘Imperceptible Rhythms’ shows the  infinity of noise that is slowly
masking all the non-human communication underwater.


We’re feeding the water with noise. Shockwaves of human-made rhythms slightly fill up the ocean with an ever-present and constantly rising ‘fog’ of sound that masks all non-human communication. Sea life has to navigate through an infinity of noise that slowly is destroying their entire territory. This everlasting distortion of both the navigation and communication of various life-forms is caused by a systematically wave of invisible vibrations by submarine sonar, oil exploration and ship traffic.


Imperceptible Rhythms allows you to experience the expanding forms of human oscillation that slowly fills up the ocean with sound.


Beamer pointed right into a mirror, projecting visuals upside down and heavily distorted on a wall.


Visual art by: James Whistler
Music by: James Whistler
Exhibited at: De-Center Re-Center at Filmcafé Utrecht (2020)