This project picks up where another project of mine (Reality is a Movement, which can be found on the homepage) has left off. Visual experimentation in black and white motion graphics with a subtle 3D touch. Where Reality is a Movement was more based on the context of the surrounding, is Motion is a Movement more based on the movement of the shapes itself.


Motion is a Movement is a project about the various forms of motion. How do shapes react to each other? How do colors blend when you work with overlays? What’s the visual and symbolic difference between fast or slow movements?


The aesthetic of this project is based on the visual look of a previous project ‘Reality is a Movement’; where I worked a lot with abstract, black and white compositions and a subtle glimpse of 3D effects.


Visual experimentation project [still in progress – I’m still working on the context of these images and the way I want to present this project)


Layering live-action video’s with short animation loops using digital code.


Visual art by: James Whistler
Project based on: Reality is a Movement (previous project)